Online games

No one conducts detailed studies of the polish game market, the various estimations of professionals involved in the industry indicate the numbers from 400 million to 800 million dollars of income per year (the global one reaches 40 billion U.S. dollars), but refer only to video games, completely ignoring the online branch. It is certainly beyond any doubt that everything is ahead of this market, and the previous growth rate of several per cent can only be larger, as we have a lot of catching up to the leaders to do on this subject.

Global online gaming market is already worth 6.6 billion dollars a year and the forecasts predict nearly 17% growth - it is one of the fastest developing groups of games.
The Polish segment of online games is almost unknown, no one researches it professionally, it is not noticed or even ignored. It may mean that it is still in the rise, but also at the same time there is much to gain.


gra Although we have been operating on the online games market under our name since August 2005, our experience dates back further - almost to the very beginning of RedDragon game, the first online browser - based multiplayer game that appeared on the Polish market, and was also one of the first in the world.

In January 2006 we launched a new RedDragon server offering a free game (instead of the earlier, payable one by Cenega company). Since then we stand for constant developement, and also fix many mistakes of our predecessors. The game records a steady increase in the number of players and currently provides entertainment for about 6,000 people, which is a good result given that it is an advanced products for sophisticated recipient.

Top50 Games


In September 2007 we started the second leading project - the Top50 Games toplist and just after a few months it became largest gaming toplist in Poland and one of the largest toplists at all. Because of the fail of the only serious competition, it is the undisputed leader in the matters of professionalism. Top50 Games, with further enhancements and new solutions implemented by us, sets standards in the gaming toplist market, which are often quickly and obtrusively copied by our competitors.

Other projects

In 2008 we launched, providing gamers with hosting and solutions for the creation of any tools and supplements for games: calculators, spreadsheets, statistics, optimizers, etc. At the moment it hosts five tools, a few next are in various stages of production.

In all our projects we try to activate the users - there is a definite connection between with the best online games and a strong community, so many elements of Web 2.0 can be found in our projects.
The original project, not only in the branch of online games, is `Improve the RD`: RedDragon players, who best know the game from the inside, give the ideas of improvements and enhancements, and then the discussion they judge them. Those which pass through a sieve of criticism and win recognition are implement into the game.
RedDragon is also Dracopedia - game encyclopedia created by its players. It contains not only the rules of the game and its mechanics, but also the elements of the climate, and finally guides.