Computer science in medicine

While in the world computer science in medicine is a huge industry, in Poland it could have remained in its infancy for a long time ... Had it not been for health care reform and the obligation for the healthcare provider to electronically account with the NFZ. Accounting conducted with the use of computers and through the Internet caused a huge surge in development of the industry, making it easier to immediately collect statistics, planning and management of medical institutions, at least on the computing part.

Our expirience

Our activity in the medical industry began in 2007 when the Healthcare Provider Packet was used to accounting with the NFZ (provided by them).

We have taken part in the implementation of new accounting software, operating in the `open format`.
And finally - we have rich, impossible to overestimate experience in dealing with the NFZ.

Healthcare providers` service

Currently, we support our customers in the current, monthly accounting for the NFZ. We ensure the accuracy and timelines of sending the reports about provided services, waiting queues and other data required by the NFZ.

In regard of changes announced by the NFZ we update the software and data, so that the accounting communication of healthcare providers has been correct and on time.
As part of customer service in mmedica program we inform the management about any variations in the execution of the contract.

In our services we are aware that the term fund receipt for our clients depends on efficient electronic communication with the NFZ.