We had the age of steam, electricity, etc ... There is no doubt that the current 21st age is the information or maybe even the Internet one. The information is global, all-pervasive and produced by our civilization in the unprecedented rate.

There is no question, however, that in this sea of information it is easy to get lost, and emerging from it becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, we use all available and always extending experience to support our customers and their projects on the Web: we create web sites customized precisely for the needs of our partners, we provide the maintenance on the servers and the efficient administration. We also give support in the internet advertising and search engine optimization.

Internet advertising

Online advertising market is growing the fastest of all the advertising markets - by nearly 60% per annum consistently for several years and has already exceeded the sales of one billion dollars per year. It is so mainly due to the fact that online advertising has basically only advantages: it can be much cheaper, you pay only for the effect, and has precision in reaching the target groups unachievable anywhere else.

We help our clients both in the launch of online advertising campaigns and subsequently in supervising and optimizing them, as we take care of our own ads. The principle is very simple: as much as possible for as little as possible. And what we can provide with the help of online advertising, you cannot have in any other form, even for several times more money.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is an important form of online marketing. Without it, even the best commercial web site is worth the same as a poster hung over a desk in a room - it is only seen by those who come to that specific place. Thanks to search engine optimization the advertisements will appear only to those who will surf the web in search of a specific subject.

We are aware that for most of our customers SEO is a completely new thing, so we offer our support right from the time the analysis of the needs and opportunities. Then jointly determining objectives and monthly budget, we take on ourselves the whole subject, so that the customer can focus on his business.

Bulletin of Public Information

To all the entities obliged by the Law on Public Information to provide BIP, we offer services that are efficient, have competitive price and, above all, which often cannot be said about other solutions, consistent with legal requirements.

We offer the installation of a ready BIP script, training and implementation, maintenance on our servers and complete administration the required by the legislature.