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RedDragon is a strategic online game, in which the play is conducted using a web browser. The player is a ruler of his own kingdom, which he controls and develops, negotiates and declares wars.

RedDragon was one of the first games of this type in Poland, and quickly gained enormous popularity - currently around eight thousand players participate in the game, and this number is constantly growing! RedDragon is a unique game and greatly stands out from the other online games. The emphasis has been placed on the two aspects, treated stepmotherly in the other games, which are variety and the complexity of the game and the team play.

The best online game

RD offers practically an unlimited number of possible strategies and tactical moves, and because the opponent is always a different human, not a computer, the game more interesting and less monotonous.
In addition, RedDragon like no other game emphasizes the interaction between players. RedDragon is not a game that you can win alone. One need to ally with other players, create a coalition. Only combined forces, using the others` strengths and masking weaknesses, supporting each other with pacts and alliances, can win it.

Age system, turn system

The wining, besides attractive material prizes, means also entering to the Pantheon, the list of best RD players. The game then starts from the beginning and the old accounts are deleted. This is another advantage of the game, in which new players are not weak at the very beginning - when one era ends the next starts, everyone begin at the same stage.

In RedDragon it is the skill that count, not the amount of time spent in front of the computer - this is a turn-based game: it does not pretend that it is conducted in real time. It is more like the well-known `Heroes of Might and Magic`. This helps to overcome the artificial superiority created by a large amount of time spent in front of the computer. You do not have much time to play? This is not a problem, you are not worse than those who have more time!

So we invite you to create your kingdom and start your adventure with RedDragon game today. More on the rules of the RedDragona world can be found in the Instructions, and the kingdom can be created on the RedDragon homepage. Start playing today! There is also a comic devoted to the game RedDragon. You can view it here - Rednera³ - online comic. The main character, Rednera³, has plans to conquer the world, and seeks how to realize them.