Everything we do today came from our fascination with computers and the Internet. Carrying out our greatest passion in our business, we can ensure the quality unreachable for the ordinary workmen.

From the very beginning we have been striving to achieve artistic quality in all our actions, searching for solutions bringing computing closer to art. We are often pioneers creating entirely new solutions, which often later become copied and even imitated standards. We do not fear challenges, we enjoy facing the problems that have overwhelmed others and we enter the fields, where competing companies have failed.

Our company has been on the market since 2004, but our experience was gained for at least a dozen years, starting from the first PC XT, or even 8-bit computers and the beginning of the internet.

We operate on three fields:
  • online games
    providing a strategic game for a few thousand players, and several other sites related to games;
  • the internet
    providing services to create web pages, hosting and search engine optimization;
  • computer science in medicine
    where we provide not only efficient accounting with the NFZ, but a full and comprehensive computing service of medical companies.