Acces to public information

Bulletin of Public Information is a unified system of web pages for free and universal access to public information.
The creation of BIP is required by law in particular for the following entities:
  1. public authorities,
  2. units of local councils,
  3. representing entities of the entities listed in points 1 and 2,
  4. organs of local economic and trade councils,
  5. trade unions and their organizations,
  6. political parties,
  7. and other entities performing public or administering the public assets.

BIP service

In the extremely competitive price we offer to deliver a script of BIP service and license its use.
We install and implement the BIP service with basic training to operate the service.
We offer maintenance on the ICT system and administration.

Additional service

We also offer a separate option covered by a separate agreement:
  • creation and implementation of the content necessary in BIP,
  • training about the duties imposed by law on the BIP,
  • update of the content contained in the BIP,
  • control of the content of BIP for compliance with the law.